Sophisticated Analytics: The Key to Ovation-Worthy Results

October 05 2016 | by Lalithya Yerramilli in Health Analytics

Duke Ellington was widely lauded for his ability to use combinations of instruments, scales and harmonies to move jazz music to new levels of sophistication. In fact, he pushed the envelope so far that he was posthumously awarded a special Pulitzer Prize for music in 1999.

As analytics becomes all the rage in healthcare, leaders are realizing just how important it is to up the level of sophistication as well. By doing so, organizations can transform collected data into useful knowledge that can be acted upon to truly affect change. For example, here’s how increasingly sophisticated analytics can be used to reduce readmissions in hospital settings:

Leveraging Data to Improve Medication Compliance

September 29 2016 | by John Pagliuca in Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies and Healthcare providers have been trying to get patients to comply with medication regimens for years – often to little or no avail. SCIO Health Analytics can help by providing powerful analytic tools that will uncover the reasons behind non-compliance – and, more importantly, enable healthcare organizations to help patients take medications as directed and move toward better health.

Hitting the Value-Based Reimbursement Target: Six Key Focus Areas

September 27 2016 | by Terri Gonzalez in Population Health

Talk about the need to improve population health, enhance the overall care experience and reduce costs has been running rampant as healthcare organizations look to succeed under value-based care. While there’s been plenty of dialogue regarding the need to hit this triple aim, the rhetoric on how to actually zero in on this somewhat elusive target has been far less abundant.

New Data, New Insights: Improved Care

September 21 2016 | by David Hom in Health Analytics

Healthcare organizations have traditionally used claims and clinical data to guide their performance improvement efforts. But they are now realizing that there’s value in stretching beyond their comfort zone.




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Vice President, Analytics

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Director of Population Health Strategy, Oracle Corporation

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Director of Compliance & Risk Adjustment, Scripps Health Plan Services

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SVP, Risk Adjustment


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