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November 21 2017 | 0 Comments | 202 reads Average Rating: 3

It’s Time to Pull Out all the Stops to Track Down Undiagnosed Patients

by SCIO Health Analytics in Life Sciences

During a recently held webinar, How Do I Expand My Markets By Finding Patients Yet To Be Diagnosed?, John Pagliuca, Vice President, SCIO Health Analytics, explored how life sciences companies can leverage a myriad of data to identify undiagnosed patients, who are typically difficult to find when just using conventional sales or prescription data. The webinar specifically examined how these data can be used to create patient personas that will ultimately help life sciences expand their markets.

The webinar also provided participants with the opportunity to offer their own perspectives on the value of pursuing undiagnosed patients. The following was uncovered via opinion polls that were conducted in real time during the online webinar:

Figure 1: Value Associated With Locating And Quantifying Undiagnosed Patients For Market Expansion Initiatives

While many life sciences companies have not yet devised strategies for marketing to undiagnosed patients, it is certainly emerging as a viable expansion tactic. The value associated with locating and quantifying undiagnosed patients was not lost on the life sciences professionals who took part in the online poll. Half of the respondents indicated that locating/quantifying undiagnosed patients as having high value, while the other half assess its value as “medium.” None of the respondents categorized the value as “low.”

Figure 2: Market Expansion Success Factors

Poll respondents indicated that adding new patient starts contributed more to their market expansion successes than higher compliance levels and identifying care gaps of persona types with healthcare providers. However, an equal number recognized that all three of these factors played a role. As such, it’s probably safe to assume that life sciences professionals are seeking to expand their markets in a variety of ways – and leveraging data and patient personas could help to more expediently enable them in this pursuit.

These poll results offer insight into how life sciences professionals view market expansion opportunities and challenges. What is your organization doing to increase its market reach?

Download full infographic | Watch on-demand webinar | View webinar slideshare

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VP, Payment Services Delivery Leader

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Evangelist

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Director, wellness and care management

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Vice President, Life Sciences

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VP, Healthcare Solutions

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Director of Population Health Strategy, Oracle Corporation

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